Training Programs

Children's Hospital training programs in child psychology include:

Psychology Training Stipends

Psychology fellows are employed by the hospital. In past years we have offered  psychology fellow salaries in the range of $38,000 annually. Stipends for 2015-2016 will be announced when hospital budgets are finalized. We offer an excellent package of health, vision, and dental insurance to our fellows.

We do not have stipends or benefits available for practicum students.

Clinical Supervision

Primary supervision for our Practicum students and Psychology Fellows will be provided by the following licensed staff psychologists:

  • Mary Clare Heffron, PhD
  • Vance Hitchner, PhD
  • Barbara Ivins, PhD
  • Theopia Jackson, PhD
  • Judith A. Libow, PhD
  • Mimi W. Lou, PhD
  • Lucia Milburn, PhD
  • Kathryn Orfirer, PhD
  • Vance Hitchner, PhD
  • Ellen Salwen, PhD
  • Barbara Ivins, PhD
  • Erica Torres, PsyD
  • Theopia Jackson, PhD
  • Blanca Navarro, PsyD
  • Gabriela Bronson-Castain, PsyD
  • Pamela Orren-Clarke, PhD

Additional supervision, teaching, and training will be provided by many pediatric and mental health professionals, including:

  • Olivia Benvineau, OTR
  • Eren Berkenkotter, RN, PhD
  • Lisa Berndt, LCSW
  • Vitaline Briggs, MSW
  • Marlene Crespo. PhD
  • Luann DeVoss, PhD
  • Tamar Enoch, MA, CCC-SLP
  • Laura Frame, LCSW, PhD
  • Andrew Giammona, MD
  • Sara Grunstein, LCSW
  • Dina Hankin, PhD
  • Rose Messina, LCSW
  • Shelly Nakaishi, RN
  • Ayannakai Nalo, LCSW
  • Cathy Quides, NP
  • Herbert Schreier, MD
  • Petra Steinbuchel, MD
  • Lane Tanner, MD
  • Emily Tejani, MD
  • Marsha Treadwell, PhD
  • Lynette Wong, MA, CCC, SLP
  • Marguerite Wright, EdD
  • Aurora Ortiz, RN
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