Resident Well-Being

The program directors and faculty leaders at Children's recognize the importance of providing emotional support and understanding the psychosocial needs of our house staff during the challenges and stresses of residency. Particular efforts to maintain resident well-being include the following;

  • Resident retreat each year of training
  • Monthly support groups lead by faculty facilitator
  • Mindfulness Curriculum
  • Weekly support group for residents on the Hematology Oncology and Critical Care rotations lead by skilled leader from Psychiatry
  • PL-1    12 weeks call-free
  • PL-2    4 weeks call-free, 4-6 weeks back-up call
  • PL-3    8 weeks call-free, 4-6 weeks back-up call

The most important source of support comes from other residents who invariably develop close ties, a team spirit and sense of community.  The resident-led Well-Being Committee plans activities outside the hospital to help achieve work-life balance.

Call and Hours

On-call and regular hours are as follows:

  • All schedules are carefully crafted to avoid any duty hour violations and ensure adequate rest between shifts and night-time duties, to optimized learning and avoid resident fatigue.
  • The Program Directors monitor work hours of residents very closely, with an electronic reporting system, to ensure compliance with all ACGME duty-hour requirements.
  • There is one call-free weekend a month, and night call never exceeds every fourth night.
  • Emergency Department shifts are 8 hours long, with an additional hour for charting and transfer of care.  Approximately two days off after every four shifts
  • A night team admits patients after 6:30 p.m., and a well-established daytime and nighttime backup system covers resident illness or other unanticipated absences.

Salary and Benefits

The salaries for residents during the 2020-21 academic year will be:

  • PL-1 $70,320 (includes $9,000 housing stipend)
  • PL-2 $72,377 (includes $9,000 housing stipend)
  • PL-3 $76,620 (includes $9,000 housing stipend)

There is also a relocation stipend of $2,400 for interns and transfer residents.

Residents receive an educational stipend, meal credits, and an excellent package of health, vision, and dental insurance as well as 4 weeks of paid vacation each year.

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