Our Diverse Community

One of UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland greatest strengths as a training program lies in the diverse patient population we serve. Our patients reflect the multicultural and socioeconomic diversity of the Bay Area’s six million residents. Over 40 different languages are spoken by families with children entering kindergarten in the city of Oakland.

Our program provides exposure to many different cultural beliefs and health practices, and we provide didactic education in order to actively encourage a greater understanding of cross-cultural issues. Our large population of recent immigrants from developing countries creates the continual challenge of learning new ways of communicating and diagnosing less common diseases.

Under the supervision of Primary Care faculty, residents visit over 20 community sites during their Community, Advocacy, and Primary Care (CAP) rotations. The CAP rotations are dedicated to teaching future pediatricians their role in their community and how to effectively advocate for the rights, safety, health, and education of all children and their families.

Each year, about a third of our almost 10,000 patient admissions are admitted by community pediatricians and clinic attendings. The remainder comes through our busy Emergency Department, from outpatient specialty clinics, and by transport to our intensive care units and wards from all over Northern California.