What are the greatest strengths of Children's Hospital Oakland's Residency Program?

The esprit de corps among residents is surely one of our greatest strengths. While we are a fairly large program with 81 residents, there is a shared sense of purpose and collegiality at Children's which helps everyone thrive during the challenges of residency.

Residents who come to Children's work hard to achieve their common goals of serving our diverse patient population and acquiring an outstanding "generalist" education in both inpatient and outpatient pediatric medicine. This helps create a very supportive atmosphere for both teaching and learning.

Another great strength is our ideal educational setting. Children's is:

  • A community hospital for several hundred pediatricians

  • A county hospital for needy Alameda County children

  • A major tertiary care and referral center for Northern California

  • Residents participate in caring for "bread and butter" pediatrics and subspecialty cases as well as more unusual and complex cases.

Will the residency program at Children's Hospital Oakland prepare me for a career in primary care or pediatric subspecialty at a university?

We believe our residents are exceedingly well prepared for a career in primary care or subspecialty pediatrics, and feedback from fellowship directors and chiefs of pediatrics confirms this every year. The incredible diversity of patients encountered at Children's exposes residents to the whole breadth of pediatrics with so many opportunities to serve the local community and to acquire in-depth training in the pediatric subspecialties, with a focus on learning a lot about the most common conditions in those specialties while gaining experience with more unusual cases as well.

Our graduates have competed successfully for positions at the most sought-after subspecialty programs, while those seeking careers in primary care have been carried by our reputation into very desirable jobs at clinics and practices throughout the country.

Are any major changes in the residency program coming?

We plan to continue offering a balance between primary care and subspecialty training, service and education, and this always requires fine-tuning. We're always looking for ways to improve the program and meet monthly to receive suggestions from all residents and meet daily with our chief residents. We also meet monthly with our GME Committee which has elected resident representatives. Residents are always encouraged to help us solve any system or educational issues, and their input is invaluable.